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A Message from the President

I founded this business in 2012 after spending a 3 years working and understanding how the traditional telecom agent channel operated. Seeing a couple different approaches from successful agents I formulated a hybrid model that ensures our clients are receiving the right technology and customized support! Experiencing the convergence revolution of voice and networking firsthand we choose to proactively get ahead our of competition for the benefit of our clients growth and profitability. Our strategies drive positive results and deliverables to both our partners and clients! We have over 120+ suppliers in our portfolio. We truly are a unique master agent in the sea of sameness!

James Peters - President

IT Consultants, Telco Vendors, VARs, & MSPs

See what is different about our partnership program, and how it will generate quality results for your clients and to your MRRs.

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Award Winning Customer Support

Our Customers have a 97% satisfaction rating and one of the highest retention rates in technology. 

Our Services


Our consulting team will solve your unique UCaaS puzzle for your organization. We specialize in 5 users up through 1500+ across a multitude of locations. We  supply the top 20 providers in the space.

 Here are three reasons why businesses are moving to HPBX: 


1. HPBX systems do not become obsolete like traditional premise systems. When new features are added to the system, everyone utilizing the platform benefits and the system continues to add value to the organization. 

2. Smart use of staff resources: 

IT Staff is often overburdened with multiple responsibilities. Most IT professionals I work with would much rather focus on strategic tasks rather than the day to day maintenance of a phone system. This is where J3 can really add value to your organization! 

3. Scalable provisioning: Companies can start small, deploy and move resources where they’re needed, pull back once a project wraps up or add features as needs change. Limitless scaling and unification! 

Network Security

  Every single day enterprising tech savy criminals are highly aggressive and persistent, leveraging the same advanced attacks and tools as nation-states. Meanwhile, businesses are pressured to adapt and improve their security program with a lack of the necessary resources and expertise needed to protect against attacks. They are bombarded by a sea of sameness among vendors in a very competitive landscape. Often customers are struggling to find ways to best protect their assets and data while maintaining productivity and meeting customer needs. Our IT consulting services include expertise in the following areas:  

1. Security Program Strategy


2. Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Mgmt

 3. Managed Security Services 

4. Ransomware Protection  

 In response to our customer’s needs, our leading suppliers currently offer a complimentary, one-time external vulnerability scan of your network!  This value  

Managed Services

 As a leader in IT consulting, J3 provides customized IT solutions to organizations around the world. Our suppliers hold high levels of technical certifications with all major business technology vendors. Our team focuses on working across technologies to deliver custom, integrated solutions to meet our clients' business needs. We help in the following areas:
- Cloud Strategy

- Custom Application Development - Application Consulting

- Dedicated Hosting

- DRaaS- IaaS- Data Center- Smart Hands- 24/7/365 NOC Support

1.  We Help You Reduce
IT Operating Expenses 

2.  We deliver exceptional client experiences! 

We have the ability to consult with full service MSPs: 

Working with a full-service Managed Services Provider (MSP), can be summarized into the following two points: 1.We navigate our clients through obstacles and opportunities.
2. We take care of, or tend to, the day to day needs of our clients' information technology investments.

Service Aggregation - Multi Sites Businesses

As a one-stop communications provider, our aggregation specialists are masters in streamlining multiple carriers nationwide. They have strategic relationships with the nation’s top tier telecommunications companies to provide seamless, quality services based on the best suited underlying carrier given the location and service needs. Partnering with J3 removes the complexity from your voice and data networks by managing the entire network for you. Their sophisticated back office systems allow us to link across multiple regions and coordinate multiple service provider networks.  Our billing system enables us to provide simple, clear, consolidated invoices that can be customized to meet your business needs. Enjoy the savings and simplicity of ONE network service provider, ONE invoice, ONE phone call, ONE happy customer.  

Global Enterprises

 We help global Orgnaizations in the following ways:

1. Access to Tier 1 Globlal Telecoms - We work with global Tier 1 providers to ensure you are receiving both enterprise level service and support. We work side by side with the provider to  ensure your company is adhering to any/all industry specific regulations and SLAs. We provide MPLS, EPLs, Dedicated Fiber to domestic and global locations.

2. Mobility:  Usually with access to your billing information, our team can come back to your organization within 72 hours or less with all the savings opportunities you are not realizing WITH YOUR CURRENT VENDORS. Analyzing mobility is not about finding another vendor, rather it is an initiative to isolate savings that your vendor never proposed to you in the first place. We 


 Traditional WANs are expensive, inflexible, and opaque.  SD-WAN solutions can significantly reduce costs, provide flexible carrier contract management, and deliver unsurpassed visibility in to how and who is utilizing your wide-area network. Our leading providers deploy their solutions multiple times faster than traditional WAN solutions and often reduces costs by over fifty percent. Now that you have virtualized your servers, it's time to virtualize your WAN, with an SD-WAN solution from our leading suppliers.

Having the visibility into the network and control without the high burden of cost truly is the way of the future! 

We Can Help!

The technology lifecycle is complicated and begins with design, implementing the services expeditiously and accurately, Supporting those services effectively is paramount to the outcome of any project.  All of these tasks can be time consuming and frustrating. J3 has the expertise to understand the customer’s needs, engineer the right solution and negotiate the best prices. Once the solution is determined, we project manage the entire implementation process and ensure technical and billing accuracy.  Our team is built to be an extension of your team and support and manage the entire provider experience! 



Before working with James and his team, we were working with a provider that had poor customer service and had us paying high rental fees on phones that didn't really work well. James took the time to understand our business and partnered us with the right VoIP provider. It is truly a great partnership and we enjoy a nice savings.

Chris L. - Professional Planning

Managed Services

 “If you want your technology environment, audited and managed by a best-in-class company with a global reach, J3 Technologies receives our highest regards. I have been in this industry since the early nineties and it is rare to find their breadth of knowledge, experience and willingness to go beyond the call for their customers. J3 prefers to provide the best total solution for each customers’ specific needs rather than chasing the highest possible commission or falling victim to current carrier promotions. This helps ensure a meaningful and mutually beneficial business partnership that you can rely on. More importantly, I have only known them to act with honesty and integrity while fighting for their customer’s best interest.”

David Sherman
Channel Manger
Spectrotel Inc. 

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Nobody works harder for our clients and partners than J3!

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